I hope to investigate the technology and application related to Embodiment (being in a virtual body) and the interaction with virtual agents in Virtual Reality (VR) using multisensory stimuli and nonverbal communication. My research will contribute in creating more immersive gameplay and effective interaction with virtual characters in applications within therapy and training and the like. I intend to use these findings to inform interesting ways of utilising user interfaces, I hope to explore how we could use virtual characters more effectively.

At the moment, I’m experimenting with the limitations of the illusion of body ownership between a participant and their avatar, which they embody. I recently ran a pilot study in this looking at the effect of lip and arm synchronization on body ownership in VR (the illusion that the users own a virtual body) and creating effective technical setups with limited equipment.

Next year I hope to continue in this vain of exploring embodiment. Technically, I hope to use motion capture to stream real time data to control virtual characters, and find more ways to objectively measure body movement and ownership.